Yes, we know... It is difficult to wrap your head around a gym membership that is as much as a car note! Now allow me the opportunity to justify the costs.

  1. Can you really put a price on health? In perspective... Taking care of your body now can save you much more than a gym membership in the long term.
  2. "But I have the opportunity to workout at (insert globogym here) for next to nothing!" - Although an inexpensive gym membership is easy to justify, it's just as easy to be forgotten. Once you start investing more, it suddenly becomes a little more of a priority.
  3. Let's assume you truly go to (insert globogym here) to break a sweat. Do you feel as though you have access to the knowledge you need to obtain your goals? Exercise is a science, and without the proper education, dangerous. We possess a wealth of experience and knowledge to allow you to sprint toward your goals, while removing the fear of improper mechanics or programming.
  4. Now, for the individual that holds onto their gym memberships from the past seven New Year's resolutions, but never uses any of them. Imagine a class environment with a coach and other athletes that know you and your goals on a personal basis. Imagine a group of people that want to see you achieve those resolutions that have been swept under the rug. Imagine praise with each of your accomplishments, motivation through each of your slumps, and awareness when your attendance becomes inconsistent.
  5. CrossFit Ex Nihilo provides accountability, encouragement, community, and results that other gyms are unable to offer. WE WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED AND HAVE THE PROGRAM TO DO SO!

So, let's take a look at prices.

3 Classes/Week:

1 year contract - $120/month

6 month contract - $135/month

3 month contract - $150/month


Unlimited CrossFit:

1 year contract - $135/month

6 month contract - $150/month

3 month contract - $165/month


Still not convinced? Let's do some basic math for further justification. $135/month for 12 months is $1,620/year in membership fees. With 365 days in a year, membership works out to roughly $4.44/day. For most people, this is well under what you spent (or are going to spend) on lunch today. CrossFit is not too expensive, you just might be too lazy to change your lifestyle.