Do I need to get in better shape before I start?

Absolutely not!Every class is scalable to people of all skill and fitness levels from the absolute novice to the world class athlete.


But what if I've never, ever lifted weights before?

That doesn't matter. Our classes are designed to get your mind and body working as one, as well as achieving competence in the 9 basic moves of CrossFit. Remember, everyone you meet at the gym has been exactly where you are now. You're in good company.


What does a class look like?

We start with getting you moving and mobile. The first portion of the class involves 10 minutes of stretching and warm-up drills. We then get into the strength/skill portion of the class. Instruction will be provided on the movements and techniques. This is usually the bulk of the class. Each class finished with a MetCon. MetCon is an abbreviation for Metabolic Conditioning. This encompasses a variety of movements performed at higher levels of intensity, elevating the heart rate.